A self confessed self helper! I know! how uncool

Hi my name is Christine,

…. I am committed to self helping ways of improving my life and promoting a state of thriving health, well being and personal development. I confess to not being cynical!  and am (painfully to some) accepting of optimism in all shapes and forms!!

optimism I have however, started the ride of my life!!

For many years leading up to now, I have been operating as a sum of how I was taught, the sum of my experiences and a result of my memories. It has been fun in many ways!… but I feel like I have been operating as a consumer of thoughts and ideas suggested and imposed on me in the form of family, peers, social and economic positiions, and so I decided to take on a different approach!

Removing the worst influencers

I had to stop watching the news…. and t.v

I had to be committed to being selfish!!

I had to  be committed to chasing joy!!

Now … because I looked into how much power I hold to experience my world, a number of tools, people, synchronicities have been presented… and have changed me … or who I was trying to pretend to be.

I was a bit of a people pleaser….now instead I realise Its ok not to  gravitate towards conflict, and for that reason I dont experience it much… the difference though between the two, is being happy with my stance..my opinions, and recognising  not to shy away from learning from my interactions with others….

My beautiful plan ….

I found my Mentors
People that I can interact, learn, feed from.
I turned to a lady Jen Blackstock in her 40 days to abundance program, who offered me a japa chant that I turn to to shut off my inner chat and help me focus on the true me.
Entrepreneurs… People who have succeeded in breaking down barriers to build a life fostering creativity, imagination and moulding those qualities into a formula for manifesting energy…..

in the form of designing a living that shines from the soul

offering the most from knowledge skills talents and unlimited possibilites.

People like Annita Roddick of the body shop, Jim Rohn form network marketing fame, and Richard Branson, all igniting what is in us all, tapped into and shining through them like a beacon of fresh air!!

open your mind

Spiritual connection
For those that hold a knowing, that we are all unlimited beings of light fragmented to have an experience on this planet, will appreciate the beauty and miracle of a very special program thats dear to my heart. The conscious creators program for those of us that feel a want to unblock inner potential, recognise it in ourselves and in all beings, and live accordingly! Mr Brian Rigeway , founder and facilitator of this program, has in my life been the catalyst for a huge shift in my way of being in the world. I have yet to send his testemonial for his site but will share it with you very soon.


True health

Andreas Moritz, crossed my path, and his personal healing journey and understanding truly how the body works to try to achieve optimum health and well being.

He prolonged his journey by 20+ years, by being the student of learning his own body, and by understanding through the ancient aureveudic medicine, how the restore balance in the body, and maintain health.

This piece of writing, coupled with his video tutorials, has educated me beyond any information I have ever known about health, and has been a major influence in my journey

and now passion I found in concentrated wholefood support…now becoming a stream of income thats very relevent in my lifes journey.

human experience

Friends and family
Listening..observing, forgiving, supporting…

the people who know me the longest..the ones I take for granted and at the same time ever grateful for!

They help me create a steady continuum, as I get lost and carried away in my impulsive intentions,

they remain the lighthouses that can and do offer a deeper intuition and blind spots, that comes from loving who I am and being able then to support me and congratulate my growth.

success in daily routine

The artists
Finally, the missing piece to my journey in art and creating joy through art mediums came in another recommendation and mentoring program called the artists way, julian Cameron.

Morning pages, a tool that has kept me intuitive by working through my congested mind and body, and has taught me how to unblock my way to living my preferences, and unblocking the inner artist in me.

Self helping…formula designed by me for me

At very little expense, I willingly and openly offer my time and energy into this journey, that encompasses my role to be me.. be mum.. be in love.. be loyal..be true

so self help?


Go for it!!

C x

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