How to tackle all tastes in the family without going bonkers!!

Sometimes theres no way around it…I find myself flying by the seat of my pants amid chaotic routines of kids extra curricular activities,  my own work etc. ….. and mealtimes can be a challenge! !

So how do I dish up something  nutritious,  tasty, also addressing everyones quirks and tastes on a busy friday evening…..whilst trying to focus on my own needs, day 4 of my personal clean eating challenge??

….My taste spuds were asking for spice so i had my sights set of a red curry. With no prep time and my usual hour window to get everyone fed heres how I managed!

Raw veg

Some of mine will only eat veg raw!!…. and its hardly something to complain about from a nutritional standpoint, so as I was preparing chopped veg I put aside extra for offering raw veg at the table …..


Next ….. I put a dozen chicken legs in the oven to roast

In another pot I had basmati rice

….and in another I had my thai curry paste and coconut milk.


Everything prepared separately, I was able feed the kids rice, chicken and veg..
…..Whilst I added the veg and chicken to my red curry sauce

Cauliflower rice

An extra to my dish, I tried out cauliflower rice to have half and half with the basmati rice.. Link below to get instructions!

So ….. we sat down to eat.
I had a tasty red curry with basmati and cauliflower rice …
Kids had chicken drumsticks rice and veg…. raw on the side!!!!


Everyone fed …. catered for without compromising my own culinary tastes!!

Not bad for a hectic friday evening in our house!!!!!!

Have you ever tried cauliflower rice? Heres how to do it x

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