love craft

Cannot believe how times fly!
My daughter asked me,' why do we have Valentines?' my repy 
'Emmm Its a day to show we love each other!'  
thinking to my myself gosh its Feb already!
'Why is it called Valentines?', she came back
Well now....thats a good one...
I said to myself, and out loud said..'..emmm'
'Will we google it?' she answered!

 So we did!
..and there were LOADS of theories, but we liked 
this one the best.

Back in 270 AD in the rule of Claudius III,
 Claudius decided to ban men from getting married,
 as he figured they made better soldiers single!
Bishop Valentine disagreed, and performed 
secret weddings for the men of the kingdom.
 He was then found out and jailed. 
He wrote a love letter to the jailors daughter
 whilst being imprisoned and signed it
be my valentine <3

Heres a simple craft to make with kids
 for the valentines holiday
Things you need:
wool or string

Cut out 3 hearts 1 larger, 
one smaller, and one smaller again.
Paint the hearts different collours 
and wait to dry
glue the hearts on top of each other =>

Have a warm fuzzy valentines today!

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