6 month family trial of juiceplus

Rachel shares her family’s journey currently after a 6 month trial of juiceplus.  Rachel is a dear friend I introduced to fruit, veg and berry capsules, initially to bridge the gap for her son who would not eat the daily allowance of fruit and veg, and was suffering symptoms of an auto immune disease psoriasis.

rachel with her sister julliette. Rachel originally from Bantry, now lives in Thurles Tipperary with her husband and family.

February 2015 what is different, in my health and my family’s health now compared to 6 months ago – I haven’t had a migraine in 6 months, my psoriasis is almost gone, 3 days after minor surgery on my leg the nurse changing my dressing said she had never seen such good recovery so quick! I haven’t had my usual 2 lots of antibiotics for strep throat, I’ve had every winter for the last 5 or 6 years. I continue to have great energy, even though I need less sleep, it’s just a better quality sleep. Daniel has no joint pain after training anymore, his psoriasis has stayed away, except for Christmas when routine went by the wayside I soon got him back on track and it cleared up again within 2 weeks. David is out in the morning at 6.30 back at 8pm, thankfully I don’t worry about him falling asleep at the wheel anymore, again he also has more energy. Thankfully so far this winter the girls have had no trips to the doctors, All positive – I look forward to updating you again, Thanks for reading.

Rachel is available to connect via facebook. This is where she originally shared her testemonial as well as at our local events in Thurles.

Ps: check out my two yr anniversary in the wholefood capsules 😊

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