Suncatcher hearts and painted doilies!

Back to art today following a brief break. Inspired by all the heart craft on the run up to valentines, i am making suncatcher hearts later today with the younger ones.

I pre cut the heart shapes for this group and they will glue on a selection of coloured tissue paper, to their own taste. The finnished suncatchers should look something like this one I made just now

1549359_402436703253175_8917381632087514287_n (1)


The older group (9/10 yr olds) I want to draw from their writing skills as they are all perfecting handwriting at school at this age. By asking each young person to choose a word they love, I hope to create a start to their watercolour pieces, using fine brush paint on these cute rectangle doilies (I found today at craft shop bits and bobs)
They are quite girlie its true, but I have all girls in this age group so I’m hoping they will enjoy this….. quite curious to see what  their chosen words will be!!! Heres mine started. Some bleeding of watercolour in my rush… hope its enough to inspire my girls!!


Some started star suncatchers last week so hope we will get those finnished with them. I had only one colour when I did my prototype but have since bought nice bright ones like in the hearts above.


See ya next week!

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