And so it was Christmas… joyous? Intense? Temporary.

Stockings hung

Santa claus visited and after a mouse in the attic set of the house alarm at 5:50am we gave in to christmas morning excitement and found all the treasures and magic scattered about downstairs.


We ate a free range bird and lots beside …. and since then we have honoured the 6 pounder in a day after curry (for friends get together)… soup today ( stock made from bones of carcass) and have the leg meat left to make a pie with leeks and puff pastry ( will probably freeze for another time)

Nostalgic traditions

Highlights of this season were the crackers at dinner ( contents included all thats needed to make balloon animals, thanks mum)
The sun that shone today to allow them out on new bikes!




And the movie ELF (Will ferrel and his shenanigans looking for his dad in new york city). We went to cinema screening a couple of days before christmas all dressed up as elfs!
.. my daughter really ought to have picked up the prize but was overlooked! Great fun .. belly laughs and kept the pre christmas day energies on seats for a little time so added bliss for mum xx


Whats normal?

It can be a tricky time in western culture .. a time when idealistic expectation meets humanity, family dymamics and can intensify loss, grief and dissapointment. Thoughts to all that suffered the temporary dramas to toast the day x

We faired well this year, with much to be grateful in life and so much hope, joy and health moving into a new year.


About 6 bottles of wine, 5 boxes of luxurious biscuits and chocolates popping out of every cupboard door I open … im on the scout to see who I can share these sugar treats with … because the detox and excercise involved if we consume them ourselves will take half of 2015!!!!…. and I’ive bigger plans!

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