window painting !!!

When a friend recommended me to the local toy shop to paint the window i was chuffed!…and a little concerned as it was a first!

It turned out very enjoyable, getting to map out a design on a large scale window, and assisting in the marketing for the premises and attracting the clients through the shop doors! ….. also attracting people as they drive or walk past in my local community helping to lift the spirits and inspire a smile !!!

This is my first christmas one on a restaurant window!

window painting 2window painting

tips when considering painting a picture on a shop window!

1.  Although, when I did my research into the type of paint to use both tempura poster paint and acrylic were advised to be suitable. However on trial of both types, and my experience with a restaurant and condensation issues, I would prefer acrylic as the tempura paint reacts with heat and can start to drip if the ventilation wasnt effective enough

2. Consider that painting on the inside of the window the picture/lettering will be mirror image when looking in from the from the shop front. Always a good idea anyway to sketch out with a marker ( sharpie) pen first before you paint.

3. If it’s your first attempt it can be hard to quote. In my experience make sure and drive a good bargain to get the experience and confirm future bookings, and offer that this price be a good discount for first time customer. Consider your paint and brush cost, your time including the creative process of putting together your sketch plan.

I am chuffed with this extra income I discovered this year, and will be visiting shops and businesses in the new year to advertise my new portfolio!

In my creative journey in art, creativity and business i’ve learned …….

* If you have an incling that you could possibly do something ….. you most probably can!!!

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