When the family all eat it its a winner for me!!

I love stir frys…and personally I love a bit of spice through them, my kids however, prefer this toned down version. The priority is taste and nutrition!!….and a mums time in the kitchen appreciated!

Pork strips
Mixed fresh veg
Wholemeal dry noodles
Coconut oil.

Seriously…..anyone can do this..heres the method yet again leaving measurements for you to figure out!!

Oil the pan ( a teaspoon of oil)
Heat the pan, then add pork strips and cook till browned.

Here the meat is halfway to browning...takes couple of minutes

Then add mixed veg and stir on the heat for another minute


Next stir a stock cube in boiled water to dissolve and add it to pan

Organic if available to you. Veg stock also good

Add boiling water to your dried noodles and put on the heat
Whilst noodles are cooking, place a lid on the stir fry pan and let it simmer for couple of minutes


When the noodles are cooked through, strain the water then add to the pan of meat veg and stock.
Stir the noodles through the mix
Add a squeeze of lime for zing!!!

*plating up tip*
When I am dishing up this…I consider each family members taste. One will like a little more meat , and another will prefer more veg etc

Happy days!! I substituted the noodles with roasted butternut squash with mine as I was on a no wheat transform 30 challenge πŸ™‚

I took a fair share of the veg in the stir fry too!

Are you stressed about lack of veg and fruit in the kids daily diet? Check out the childrens health study info at Family wholefood health

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