the triumps and temptations week1.

Week 1. Done and dusted!! Here are some of the highlights of the week.

My raw sweet an sour sauce that I came up with myself!! (Recipe to follow)
I was in a happy place the evening I dished up this one. Ginger with lightly stir fried veg with my own ( might i add delicious) sweet and sour sauce!

Served with brown rice. Very satisfying!!!

2. Surviving family birthday cake and not going without!

We had a mini family celebration for my sons 11th birthday including chocolate brownie cake I made myself (from a packet…it was a busy day!)

Now, this was the first REAL test…not that I couldn’t have just had a slice and moved on ( i can have small breaks or treats over the 30 days)
…..but I wasn’t really ready to break so many rules (wheat dairy ) plus the choc and sugar! ….. (especially since I had a glass of wine and some popcorn the night before!!)

So I decided on a compromise …. and had berries with chocolate sauce ……made with cocoa, honey with a bit of coconut milk all heated in a pan then poured over the berries. It was really yum!!
….plus it was nice to  sit with everyone else after singing happy birthday lickin chocolate off my lips ….(it seemed quite important actually)

3. Family changes.
Baby steps. So we’ve been feeding the kids the fruit and veg capsules for a couple of months now which is great ( we get them for free too with our order of capsules which is an added bonus)
…..along with this we attempted to introduce small changes in their daily food intake. (I’m the only one doing the transform 30 challenge)
One change was breakfast, which I can’t take credit for as it was my husband drivin this one… having found the benefits for himself in the low G.I breakfast.

This involved the return of porridge oats for breakfast and eliminating all breakfast cereals!!.
It was greeted with a little resistance by the kids at first, but to be honest it didn’t take long to establish the new routine…..this week we were celebrating a couple of months of achieving the new breakfast routine!!

We make the porridge using milk (most times organic) and sweeten with honey.

The two boys love it…my daughter is a little fussier but will eat it gladly most mornings, and sometimes will opt for fruit salad and soda bread or french toast for a change.
At the weekend we do pancakes grinding the oats to use with half flour an egg and milk.


Once or twice since, a cereal box found has found it’s way ito the shopping trolley!!…
I didnt make a big deal but kept the morning breakfast rule….and explained that sugary cereals just dont have enough nutrition to have as breakfast….
….I then let them have the cereal later in the day after they had their meals….
so this small change is workin!!…and it’s encouraging to see the kids getting into good habits! (And dont get me wrong…my kids DO find treats no more than any kids!!)

Thats it!! Next week-end I’m planning a night out for a friends birthday and there may be alcohol involved!!!!…
this will mark my half way mark on the 30 day challenge! !!!!
Hope I can keep in the swing of it all this week…am enjoying the support and encouragement of friends and family so CHEERS!!!!

Will try get the diary entries in as often as I can….
And the tried and tested recipes!!

4 thoughts on “the triumps and temptations week1.

  1. Interesting to read about all the changes you are incorporating into your life that your kids (and you) will benefit from (probably a lot!). I applaud you for being so committed, but also realizing that it’s still nice to spurge at certain times. What’s nice is there are a lot more options available these days food and drink-wise that are both tasty AND healthy.:-)

    p.s. Thanks for perusing a number of the posts at Self-help Health and taking the time to leave several “likes.” I really appreciate that and love when someone makes use of the information and resources there. That’s what makes the time put into blogging all worthwhile, right? 🙂

  2. You re welcome!! I enjoyed your posts. Thanks for your support and encouraging words …. I really appreciate it! I’m designing the type of life I want for my family …. im looking forward to developing my writing and experiencing my conscious creating!!!

  3. Wonderful! How lucky your kids and husband are to have you helping create such a good, healthy, consciously aware life for everyone in the family!

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