nut butter

Will add the measurements some other time but on a whim I just did this!

two handful of nuts ( I had cashew and almonds but use whatever you have … unsalted!)

now grind them in a blender ( I use the magic bullet)

add a little salt and oil. I use rapeseed but coconut oil would probably be nice as with other good quality oil.

blend again.

nut butter  

I came up with this whilst on a 30 day clean food challenge….. 

 At the time I experimented with using the finnished nut butter to dip sticks of veg into …surprisingly enough turnip worked great!…aswell as celery. With fruit I’d try apple and banana is definately a winner 🙂

This one is really worth it….

Far tastier than shop bought peanut butter ….

Have a go! 

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