challenges on day 2???!!!…so soon?

Well actually the challenges started the day before I started.


….. because I didnt feel prepared
… you see i had visions of having all my grocery shopping done and meals planned for the first few week before I took such a leap into non-processed food and so much plant based eating!!! It is a BIG step!!

…. because of midterm break and kids…. and halloween ….. and the cleaning that had to be done around the house …. I felt poorly prepared for this. I contemplated putting it off until Monday, to give me the week-end to get prepared and feel confident…..

….. then, for some reason I had a flash back to the time when I was deciding the right time to have children!! … and I dont even know if its right to compare the two decisions but its how my head worked so here I go.

so … on having kids. The first it was am I the right age?…. number 2 … is this age gap gonna work? and finally ….should we have another in the middle of a recession!!!!

I couldn’t help wonder now,  3 kiddies later how life would be, had I waited till I was prepared!!!!!

….. well it was at thos point that I wrote Day1. in the journal and just GOT TO IT!….(to the eating challenge i mean)

so …. as with any goals

Why wait till later …. till after christmas …… or until a health scare etc.

It’s like this … I have made gradual changes over the last 9 months in my health as well as studying the best ways I can maintain, improve, and celebrate optimize it. The only thing standing in my way is time …. and now  3 days in …. the countdown is on and I’m transforming from the inside out on the T30 CHALLENGE!!

tomorrow: More challenges..more triumps and maybe some talk on before and after pics..

right now…. I’m uber exited about my veggie packed omelette I’m planning for dinner … seriously, I REALLY am 🙂

ps: todays highlight veg sticks: celery, pepper, chicken strips and tomatoe salsa dip get recipe here

veggie sticks and salsa dip

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