handy bites!

…dont underestimate the comfort a little chilli can give mmmmmmm

oat cake snackMy nutritious snack of the day!

Oat Cakenatural yogurt / hummus

chicken ( had leftover from free range roasted bird yesterday)

fresh chilli / smoked paprika

very satisfying !!!!!!!!

…my guideline for carbs… G.I (GLYCEMIC INDEX)

this snack will  fair well on the G.I scale because it contains oat cake instead of wheat cracker or bread.

hummus is a good choice to for keep your snack low G.I

So is the LOW G.I. type of meal recommended?

Carbs that have a low G.I ….produce a steadier rise in blood sugar, and the fiber helps you feel fuller longer.
I found out here that it was introduced to help people with diabetes to help them control sugar levels.

For me, it’s helpful to understand the basics, especially where carbs are concerned. I find that when considering carbs, low G.I carbs are basiacally a good guideline for nutrition….

…….for example carbs that have a low G.I index like wholegrain, oatbran etc. are as a rule of thumb, more nutritious than white bread, white pasta etc…

……with the advantages of making you feel nutritionally satisfied!
I also found out that it doesn’t mean.

  • that low G.I. meals are ALL more nutritious than high G.I….
  • that eating low G.I will mean you will loose weight.

plus….Not everyone can consider eaten gluten and they stay away from above mentioned carbs, I am only considering what i have found helpful to make healthier changes 🙂

to find out more about Glycemic Index in relation to diet i found this site helpful

is this something you ever consider when looking at carbs in your diet?

ps: check out our spring summer breakfast granola following same principles

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