resistance to abundance…and the science of waves


Theta Wave sm I have had an interesting personal journey through the stages so far in the abundance program. The latest being resistance …

…because I can dream…I can create a powerful belief that I am creating destiny..I have put in a great effort in setting up the landscape for change…so I’m more than surprised when I experience a resistance to everything I am manifesting…namely…


…..because sometimes with change comes turmoil, discomfort… A bit like saying good-bye to the uber comfy old slippers because they had holes and beyond repair…or because they were causing flat feet..

…the new  ones  support the instep… better in the long term..will be great for healthy posture. I’m  well aware of the benefits.. but, walking differently creates discomfort, makes me a bit cross, out of comfort and strange.

On my journey into homebusiness, embracing new talents and abundance…or life journey in general…at times, and lately, I have felt this discomfort…  had doubts about my strength, my clarity blurred and have experienced impatience to accept present circumstances.

It was a mail  from Jen Blackstock…founder of the abundance program  that gave me  insight on how to take stock of my journey again. pretty wave To draw on the way the universe works…in waves of contraction/expansion. Contraction…taking form in my case as discomfort, tackling issues, sensitivites and emotions, anxieties..

Contraction…..the unimpressive time…preparation for the next EXPANSION.

I look to the ocean… to waves, that are building the power needed in their contraction and preserving energy for the next.. expansion..the deeper the water contracts the more an impact the wave that forms. surf So…what do I take from this. Well it makes sense to me, that preparing for greater expansion means a training, fine tuning skills…to prepare for a new wave.

just like the surfer doesn’t aim to be tumbled in surf snd overpowered by the force of the water, I have to match my skills to the size of the wave coming! It’s complex in personal development, and never black and white….. this  analogy helps me re-frame  the complexities of expansion in life.  I have learned the lessons…

Ride the wave when it comes.

Be aware and accept  the contraction that comes in the flow of life …because with the contraction is opportunity to learn how to prepare, how to make the most of whats coming . It is o.k…its all a part of the right plan. new life

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1 thought on “resistance to abundance…and the science of waves

  1. Thank you chris..delighted that you thought so and thanks

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