Adorn my beauty…end of week 1



Beauty. I chose this photo of the dog…mostly because he gave me that feeling of ahhhh….time to myself…relaxed…like the feeling after a day at the spa or something….I LOVE this feeling!

week one…intention setting

Week one!! Tools from the secret celebrating abundance program have assisted me in setting intentions to enter projects and personal tasks with a calm clarity. I have learned to focus on the outcomes ( breathing techniques) feeling the desired outcome in my body…a practise that helps dissipate anxiety, and put aside doubts, has helped me foster belief and helps me think clearly on how to achieve the outcome i desire!


Also, I have thought upon ways to celebrate mini milestones, and have put thought into little ritual practises to help me mark these occassions. I brought friends to the woods, rented a movie for me ( that hadn’t happened for a while in our house) cooked a special dish for my palette (never happens either) or fill the house with music I love!!!!!

getting wild with nature!

week one I reconnected to nature… regular walks in the park and woods ( photos of fairy doors in trees featured on previous entries came from my local woods), time out my garden, especially first thing in the morning or last thing at night…

My beauty story

The end of week one challenge included a journal of my beauty story. To start I began to read the beauty stories of others in the facebook group. In order to begin to to adorn and celebrate beauty….all are encouraged to reflect with stories…it is a tender sharing,  compilations of experiences that all help create the script of how we see ourselves in relation to beauty… some pain, hurt…some inspiring transformation in thinking….deep breath .. it was my time to think of my beauty story.

beauty regime

I have made a beauty regime for self lately. I became dissatisfied with my relationship with myself, as regards time I allowed for self care in my life amongst roles of being a mother etc. I have developed a routine that Im building that embodies beauty within ( dont worry I havent considered guru status just yet!) but I am increasing nutrition, daily meditation, drinking more water, and oil pulling ( oral hygiene, whitens the teeth and cleanses toxins from blood) and exercise.

I pretty much know that ‘Ill be happy with my body If I can dedicatd to this practise. I trust that I can dismiss unrealistic expectations, and accept my body and features the way they develop with age. I know my downfalls, COMFORT EATING!!!!, so will recognise  the balance is out of kilter when I’m reaching for sugar more than practising the above!!

rant on the beauty industry

Here it goes….I know im not alone in this but I increasing find the beauty industry distasteful in the marketing of products by preying on the insecurities of women. It seems the  teaching starts from as early as childrens cartoons  that women are porcelin faced, with thin bodies, glossy hair. I reject this, and with age have discovered for myself that attraction is beyond skin deep!!!!

Those that are comfortable in their own skin radiate a glow that is attractive…I write it as a sentence because I know it to be true! I also know that people get hooked up on outside beauty, and pick out something about an attractive person… like their hair or style of make up and go copy that instead of considering the attractiveness as radiating  from efforts of personal develpment or why they seem happy and attractive ( well i’ve done this anyway )

Dont get me wrong…I do like fashion and  looking after my hair and skin..but when I go to the establishments, such as hair dressers, shoe boutiques, etc I want to feel like Im offering myself time and care….not feel like I need to be a slave to trends. The pressure seems to come from  the providers of the product / service who seems obliged to get you to purchase the ‘on trend‘ products to achieve the ‘in look of the season’…..i sniff to that! All I get is regret on returning home and a dissapointment that my intention to treat myself is unfullfilled and suffer an empty wallet to boot!

I decided to script my journey as a poem…thanks for listening…it means a lot x



Damned to see what I’m taught

Be what I’ve learned to achieve

 wore compliments like masks

adorn cruelties like scars


Socialite or recluse

self love is the same

choose survival recipes

with methods  understood


beauty within

beauty on skin

purpose on earth

dharma gets thin


I wish for health

mind, body and soul

pray to admire auras

with intuitive lense


I adorn my beauty

with celebratory gloss

be queen of myself

and rule my own lot!!

blog the change you want to see in the world!




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2 thoughts on “Adorn my beauty…end of week 1

  1. “Blog the change you want to see in the world” ….. love it – you are right people radiate beauty from the inside out 🙂

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