celebrating abundance….day 4



day 4

introduces the longer mantra within the program celebrating abundance. Before now I have had little experience with mantra. Introduced in previous yoga class,and in my present  kundalini yoga practise, I have been attracted to the knowledge that meditation could be very useful for me in my life, to still my mind of chattering thoughts and deal with stress and release tension.

for the nerds!

Mantra uses sound vibrations to provide a quantum technology designed to stimulate the 84 relex points in the mouth, which hits the hypo thallmus in the brain,  working together with the pituritry and pineal glands send messages to every cell in the body reIeasing tension and stress!  resource: (kundalini yoga with maya fiennes, a journey through the chakras.. willpower.)

Sacred space

I’m trying out the best time of the day,  to include my japa practise….have bought mala beads and have begun creating a sacred space. I love the floor, so have a big floor cushion, a tree of life I painted myself, a dragon I love to focus on for strength, a precious stone I like to hold, a candle and my mala beads for counting my mantra.


I have to admit,I find it hard to get a chance to sit there!…often times I wear the mala beads around my neck and when opportunity arises, I start my mantra and meditation…it could be when watching the kids outside… when on my own in the kitchen preparing the food, and sometimes in the shower! its a start…and I do feel the benefits of the chant, and I have found a stillness that encourages me to continue.

My sacred space



Om Shrim Hrim Shrim

Kamale Kamalalaye

Prasida Prasida shrim hrim shrim om

Shri mahalakshmyai devyai namaha

 Meaning: O Lotus! O dweller in the lotus! Be gracious! Be gracious! Reverence to the auspicious goddess Lakshmi, embodiment of prosperity, beauty, elegance and sacredness!

A work in progress

Such early days of the program, I am already receiving! I believe I am designing a practise that helps me keep my thoughts and actions in alignment with how I want to experience my life. I recently gained strength to ask for help!!!!!( my heart beats faster as I even type it!) resulting in great advise, time, and financial help from family and friends…

I would love to hear your thoughts or experience of mantra/meditation

love and light x



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