give to a stranger, or a cause…
I set out on the second day, adding to my busy life schedule, a willingness to search for an opportunity along the way to bring a little light into someone’s life…….

the morning begins

…… best to read this after a deep breath in…ready?… kids off to school, spoke to various brokers about best car insurance deal,  filled the dishwasher,  swept floor,  took my youngest munchkin to the toilet,  made playdough,  answered calls,  gathered up library books,  paperwork for banks and post office…got the munchkin dressed and headed to town……and exhale!
A little of my optimism for random acts of kindness had waned,  but I was optimistic that chance would arise and I would be inspired in the moment!

got to the library…..

( another breath) after a near toilet accident…..chased munchkin around the library,  threw books on the counter and bolted out after sweet pea to see the ducks on the river outside! ( not part of the plan) took the longer narrower path down to the bank, held a little arm tight whilst typing transaction into ATM, then headed accross the road whilst traffic stood still….explaining to sweet pea that lunch had to be first before treats……exhale.

an opportunity?

I did spot a man nearby that I thought looked like one of my bin men….i wondered if I could run over and push a ten into his hand, mutter a word of thanks for the impeccable bin service….but it didn’t feel quite right (mostly because I wasn’t sure if it was him!)
A glance at my watch nudged me on to next school collection wishing us not to be last in…. sigh of relief,  there were two others standing with mine!…homeward bound  to heat up the soup and get ready for homework.

inspired action?

o.k, so this isn’t how I imagined it!….thought by now I’d be writing reflective notes on how gratifying it has been to give to a stranger on day 2 of the abundance program!

give to a cause maybe…

housebound for the afternoon I began to think of causes to which I could donate…..but no satisfaction there as my budget was down to the pennies in the jar after paying the car insurance!  A while later,  kids out playing,  I had a chance to sit and bask in the quiet and smiled at the distant squeals coming from the trampoline….I  pondered my cause.

my cause

I pondered it well into the evening,  how with a gesture  I could impact a cause. About 9pm my memory took me back to 8 yrs previous and a couple of brief stays in the Gynae ward at Clonmel hospital. Two brief stays as a result of  successive  miscarriages.
This memory became relevant to me at this moment in the light of the  promise I made on exiting the hospital.  I had a strong intention to express my thanks to the kind,  thoughtful and gentle nurses who took my fragility in their capable hands and gave me understanding, empathy and care.  It was so important to me at the time that I acknowledged this experience with them and communicated how much I appreciated the care I received….
……this intention seemed to have  faded with the two children that followed and the busyness of life and birth of many dreams…..
thank you fortune cookie
…….and so I began to pen my thanks to the nursing staff in the gynae ward with a genuine gratitude for their involvement in probably my most traumatic personal experience to date, and my overwhelm at the quality of person centred care I witnessed by individual nurses throughout the time. I put in a little pic of my family now too.
Stamped and ready for post tomorrow…..I listened to the mantra and started to join a little….and I smiled
A gratuitous smile 🙂
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4 thoughts on “Day2.

  1. sweet story 🙂 I find that when I am walking the streets of Dublin either on my way to or from work that I get stopped a lot by tourists etc asking for directions …. must have a friendly face !

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