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You found this page to explore possibilities for change. My various packages all work with personal coaching to access breakthrough and change. To initiate your complimentary breakthrough call just click button an select a calendar time x

Creativity access to breakthrough!!

Are you looking for a workshop for your holistic health retreat ?

Private session /group session ?

Accessing your magic ..

Creativity is how I find the core issues below the surface, allowing you to explore, clear, create and make conscious ,breakthroughs of a personal nature .


*Do you need to be an artist?

– Although I know we are all creators, you do not have to see yourself as an artist to benefit … whatever level of comfort is the individual unique and perfect starting point to embark this journey.

*Can I work on any area of life? –

Yes. A focus of preference is a perfect way to start an individual journey

*Can I work on my own, or do i have to join a group? ~

Yes you can work one to one and can facilitate a personal session on / offline.

Private group bookings are available and a valuable way to explore using group participation and dynamic energy.

Back story:

I personally discovered the magic of creativity originally as a youth worker, through contemporary dance and choreography.

I continued my journey in counselling, energy therapies, and jungian psychology with art therapy.

I noticed that the most dynamic way for me to witness real change was through creativity and active imagination,and use a variety of medium and modalities to hold space for breakthrough sessions .

Ask re booking @christinefanningbreakthroughcoach


*  Energetic reboot session ( on location offline)

* Artistsway group mentorship ( online )

Christine x

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